RALLY 4 the YOUTH: A Chance to Win 1 of 9 Free Entries to the 2019 Hayman Classic

RALLY4 the YOUTH is an initiative that aims to promote the love of sport and competitive cycling by lowering financial barriers to competition for youth cyclists.

Members of the RALLY UHC Professional Cycling Team including Svein Tuft, Ryan Anderson, Sara Bergen, and Rob Britton, in partnership with Movéo Sport Rehabilitation Centre, Langlois Brown Racing, Mark Sherman, and Jenn & Dominic Gauthier, have rallied together to provide youth cyclists with the opportunity to win a free entry to the 2019 Hayman Classic Stage Race on May 24-26, 2019.

The Hayman Classic Stage Race is comprised of four races over three days (time trial, circuit road race, criterium, and road race) and is open only to young cyclists aged 13-19. Designed to give young riders a European-style experience of riding in groups or alone over courses that challenge their skill, strength, and stamina, the Hayman Classic is an opportunity to nurture the future generation of competitive cyclists by giving them a chance to compete, succeed, or fail-and-learn from a hard-fought race.




Click on the image above or go to https://forms.gle/XZYGo6z1uoHBT4WXA to complete the application form and enter for a chance to win 1 of 9 free entries to the 2019 Hayman Classic.