10 worst winter kit mistakes and how to avoid them

Winter riding can be unpleasant at the best of times, so the last thing you want to be doing is making it even worse by not kitting yourself and your bike up properly. Here are our worst kit mistakes to avoid at all costs

Winter cycling can be unpleasant for a whole load of reasons. One of the easiest ways to make it a little more enjoyable is to select the right winter kit

Buyer’s guide: best new hybrid bikes for 2018


20 Nov 2017

Innovative creations that may be just ideal for your daily commute

Hybrid bikes are essentially a mash-up between road bikes and mountain bikes, taking inspiration from both categories of bicycle to produce an entirely different proposition.

Used a lot by urban cyclists because they commonly have a relaxed riding position and straight handlebars which allow easier access to gears and brake levers.

Tyres also tend to be chunkier and can range anywhere between 28-42mm allowing you to ride in a wider variety of terrains than you would with a straight-up road bike, while providing extra stability and comfort when you are rolling on tarmac.

In the last decade, one other feature that’s started to appear on these bikes is carbon drive systems. These do away with metal chains and instead use carbon-fibre belts which don’t need regular lubrication or anything like the same level of maintenance.

They’re also less prone to stretch and so don’t require replacing so often.


Cube Hyde Race

In a nutshell: Stylish, and sleek this may be but it’s also pretty nippy, as its name suggests, thanks to the thought that’s gone into its frame and some of the bike’s finer details.

Stand-out features: Not only won’t you hear the  Gates carbon belt as it busies itself driving your back wheel but you won’t end up with a ‘chain ring tattoo’ on the back of your calf as the chain’s oil transfers from its links to your skin. The frame is double-butted aluminium, making it light and robust, while fast-rolling Schwalbe tyres will give the hydraulic disc brakes a work out.

£949 | cyclesurgery.com


Marin Fairfax Belt

In a nutshell: Affords a quiet, grease-free ride that makes for great hassle-free riding in urban environments.

Stand-out features: With eyelets for racks and mudguards as well as that all-important Gates carbon belt drive, this aluminium beauty also boasts 8-speed internal hub gears and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. A cracking combination for both commuters and trendy urbanites alike.

£950 | cyclesurgery.com


Cannondale Bad Boy 1

In a nutshell: The Bad Boy’s geometry  may put you in a more forward-leaning, racing position, but it still props you upright enough to clearly see the traffic you’re whizzing though!

Stand-out features: This bike is full of bright ideas – literally. From its alloy frame which includes an integrated reflective bumper, and the  silent/gunk-free Gates belt drive that moves it, to the  hydraulic disc brakes that stop it. Best of all though is the LED light strip integrated into its left fork. In fact, you could say this is  the ultimate commuter bike.

£1,500 | cyclesurgery.com

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